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Holiday Craft Shows

Come join Johnwear at local craft shows this holiday season. Our next show will be Portobello West at the Olympic Village community centre, Saturday December 7th and Sunday December 8th. Come get a pair of our 100% Organic Cotton, made in Vancouver, red long johns with the butt flap in the back. We also have combed cotton red socks which are a perfect accessory as well as a good stocking stuffer.

Couples discount. Buy 2 long johns and get 10% off.

Hope to see you this weekend at the Olympic Village, Vancouver.

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2013 Vancouver Polar Bear Swim

The year started off beautifully. Vancouver woke up to sun and blue sky. It was actually the first new years day that was sunny since 1995, 18 years ago. A great day to go for a swim. The 2013 Polar Bear swim was the 93rd annual swim which started in 1920 with just a handful of people and now has grown to a few thousand swimmers and over 20,000 spectators.

Our group of 5 swimmers met around 2pm near English Bay and quickly slipped into our cozy johnwear long johns. As we walked down to the beach, people were taking pictures of us and complimenting us on our matching long johns and my red faux fur leg warmers, a prototype of a new accessory that we are trying out for next winter.

After taking a number of pictures of the group and taking off our shoes, socks, johnwear toques and hoody’s, we were ready to take the plunge. Keeping in mind that none of us has ever done this swim before, we were all very excited and wore big smiles on our faces. We counted down from five and all ran into the cold ocean water at the same time. We all dunked our heads and high fived and hugged then ran out as fast as we entered. We met back on the beach and dryed off and changed into dry clothes. Meanwhile, our smiles never left our faces as we laughed and shared stories of our first experience in the cold January 1st water. We all had a great time and will probably be back next year in our johnwear long johns. Stay cozy.