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Holiday Craft Shows

Come join Johnwear at local craft shows this holiday season. Our next show will be Portobello West at the Olympic Village community centre, Saturday December 7th and Sunday December 8th. Come get a pair of our 100% Organic Cotton, made in Vancouver, red long johns with the butt flap in the back. We also have combed cotton red socks which are a perfect accessory as well as a good stocking stuffer.

Couples discount. Buy 2 long johns and get 10% off.

Hope to see you this weekend at the Olympic Village, Vancouver.

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2013 Vancouver Polar Bear Swim

The year started off beautifully. Vancouver woke up to sun and blue sky. It was actually the first new years day that was sunny since 1995, 18 years ago. A great day to go for a swim. The 2013 Polar Bear swim was the 93rd annual swim which started in 1920 with just a handful of people and now has grown to a few thousand swimmers and over 20,000 spectators.

Our group of 5 swimmers met around 2pm near English Bay and quickly slipped into our cozy johnwear long johns. As we walked down to the beach, people were taking pictures of us and complimenting us on our matching long johns and my red faux fur leg warmers, a prototype of a new accessory that we are trying out for next winter.

After taking a number of pictures of the group and taking off our shoes, socks, johnwear toques and hoody’s, we were ready to take the plunge. Keeping in mind that none of us has ever done this swim before, we were all very excited and wore big smiles on our faces. We counted down from five and all ran into the cold ocean water at the same time. We all dunked our heads and high fived and hugged then ran out as fast as we entered. We met back on the beach and dryed off and changed into dry clothes. Meanwhile, our smiles never left our faces as we laughed and shared stories of our first experience in the cold January 1st water. We all had a great time and will probably be back next year in our johnwear long johns. Stay cozy.

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johnwear at the john Ranch

The weekend started with a beautiful evening drive in the classic convertible Impala north of Vancouver near 70 Mile House. The cowboy shirts, hat, boots, and western accessories were all packed. We arrived at the Dude Ranch or the john Ranch as we are calling it, the next morning after staying at a very nice log motel south of our destination. We felt right at home arriving at the ranch all decked out in our western apparel. We greeted the owner and head cowboy with a robust Howdy as we slipped into our weekend away from the city amongst the horses, rustic cabins and tens of thousands of acres to roam free.

After eating a hearty lunch, we met our wrangler and were introduced to our horses. After a quick run down of the rules and horse handling, we jumped on and proceeded out of the gate of the ranch. One issue, my horse did not seem to want to leave and any effort to make him change his mind resulted in the horse bucking. The wrangler thought it was best to switched horses so after a quick change I got teamed up with a larger but calmer horse called Clementine. We were a great match and proceeded off the ranch for an afternoon of riding the pastures, forests and trails without a guide and at our own pace.

We made it through our first gate without much issue and once we had warmed up the horses a bit, we got the horses to trot a little faster. Even galloping slightly faster on a large powerful horse is intense. You must always be in control of your animal because at any point they could decide to run faster or turn another direction. A few times my horse started to run faster than I was comfortable with and almost fell off. At one point in the afternoon I was actually thrown off my horse but I managed to fall in a good position as not to hurt myself or get run over. As the saying goes, I jumped right back on my horse and continued with the riding. The ride ended a few hours later with us proudly galloping back to the stables like in the last ranch scene from the movie City Slickers. That night, after cleaning up, dinner, a visit to the Saloon and old time movie theatre, we climbed into our johnwear long johns for a cozy and comfortable night in our log cabin.

The next day was another full day of great riding. We were set up with the same horses and a packed lunch so we could spend the entire day out on the range without having to think about getting back at certain times. We rode past grazing cattle and horses, rode around lakes and old barns, through forests and over huge open pastures. Again the day ended with us climbing into our  johnwear long johns and lighting a fire and hanging out under the star filled night.

The weekend ended with a morning ride and to say goodbye and thanking all the wranglers, kitchen staff and ranch hands. We drove back to the big city with the roof down on the convertible 1970 Impala and big smiles on our faces. It was a great time, a unique experience and johnwear was part of it all. Live the john lifestyle.


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johnwear does the West Coast Trail

The morning started in Vancouver waking up at 5am after seeing Roger Waters The Wall concert the night before at BC Place. Picking up Dale then heading to the ferry terminal to meet Brian, we felt tired but very excited and a little nervous. Arriving at Port Renfrew around noon and after our check in and orientation at the trailhead, we set off for our first day of hiking The West Coast Trail around 2:30pm. The days hike would only be about 5km but it was straight up a muddy steep mountain, carrying our 40+ pound packs.

Arriving at Thrasher camp site we dropped our packs, found a camp site on the beach and set up our tarp, tents and made dinner, followed by a camp fire and some Burt Reynolds with some new friends that were camping near by. Finally I slipped into my johnwear long johns for a cozy, warm sleep on a dry evening.

The next day we started slowly as we did not have our pack down routine in order as of yet. Setting off around 10am we hiked about 8km to our next camp site at Campers, having to cross a river by cable car just before camp. Along with the many ladders up and down, log bridges and muddy uphill climb, it was a hard second day. Again we set up our camp, ate dinner, built a campfire and I slipt into my johnwear long johns for another cozy evening.

The next day, more ladders, mud and a fairly intense hiking day lasting about 12 km but ending at a beautiful camp site where we eventually met Tom, a German hiker that had done the WCT 4 times and a number of other famous hikes around the world. We exchanges stories and he gave us many good tips on how to hike and pack our packs properly for our next adventure. We realized that our packs had too many items and were heavier then necessary. Another cozy night in my johnwear long johns.

The next day we set off a little earlier and hiked along the beach reaching Chez Monique’s in the early afternoon, while grabbing a burger and some sugar bevarages and ales. It was a colder day with some rain so we all took out our johnwear toques and were wearing them throughout the days hike. By the end of the day, since we were feeling energized after the burgers and drinks we decided to hike longer and skip the next camp site and find one along the way. Soon we realized this was a mistake as it began raining very hard and finding a suitable camp site was becoming harder and harder. After back tracking a few times we found an area that we made due with and set up camp and ate dinner in the rain. The only thing that got me through that harsh night were my dry pair of johnwear long johns at the end of the day.

The next day was a long day of hiking in the rain with the team travelling about 18 kms. We met Hippie Doug who made us fresh crabs and filled our bellies with cold beer. While hiking that day we decided that with the weather the way it was we wanted to finish the trail sooner and were going to hike the last 22 km the next day instead of over the next 2 days. I wasn’t sure if I could do the distance but went with the teams desicion. Again the evening ended with me slipping into my long johns and toque and having a good night sleep even though it was raining hard outside the tent and was a chilly evening.

The last day we woke up early, packed our gear quickly and set off without our normal breakfast routine. Just a quick Clif bar and slipping on our johnwear toques for the cold morning hike. Needless to say it was a long day hiking through knee deep mud and waist high raging rapids but we arrived at the trailhead about 8.5 hours later just before the office closed at 5pm and booked a motel room in town for that evening. We finished the West Coast Trail in 5 and a half days, 1 day quicker than our ambitious schedule.

My johnwear long johns and toque were a big part of getting me through this adventure, mentally and physically. It was one of the hardest things I have done thus far but also one of the most enjoyable. I look forward to another excursion in the following years to add to my john lifestyle. be a john.

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johnwear review by happy john

“Johnwear Absolute!! I was so lucky to come across this awesome apparel. I have a pair of Red Long Johns as well as a Black Hoody and toque. The hoody is an absolute must! It is on me 3-4 days a week. The material is soft yet durable. It has a great collar when zipped up to keep you warm as well as looking very distinguished and refined compared to the average hoody that is on the market (you’ve all seen them). I have had compliments ever since I got it. The Long Johns are also really great. Being a cabin dweller and one who sleeps outside quite often, these LJ’s are the best. Not only do I look like a pioneer from the Wild West when I wake up in the morning, the ass flap makes doing my business in the morning more enjoyable, as I am not fridgedly cold, and I can enjoy the deed in warmth. The cotton is also very soft and really good quality, making the sleep and lounging in the morning hard to give up. I highly recommend Johnwear to any johns looking for original, cool, garb for their family and friends or themselves”.-Dan S.

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launch party!

The preparations took about a month. From organizing photo shoots to ordering promotional material. From hiring a DJ and bartender to organizing a few friends to be greeters/doormen. From sourcing out a velvet rope and mannequins to fully stocking an open bar. The invites through Facebook, email, phone and text are out. Local radio personalities, artists and musicians are invited. The caterer spent the entire day preparing a delicious assortment of canapes and sweets. The party started at 8pm.

The first guest arrives a little after 8pm. It gives us a chance to talk about johnwear and show him around the different products. A few more friends arrive, some being very excited and buying a few items from the johnwear collection. More and more friends start arriving and by 9:30 the party is hopping. The music is grooving, the drinks are flowing and the conversations and smiles are at high intensity.

By midnight, the party is totally rocking. The jeffrey wall, or now known as the john wall, has been discovered. The upstairs deck has been visited. The fire pit is giving off heat and the music has created a dance party in part of the townhouse. Just by coincidence, a fireworks display goes off, and the party guest all go out to the front deck to watch the spectacular display light up the downtown sky.

The party continues, when the police show up to show their support of johnwear and our new eco friendly, made in Vancouver clothing line. I speak to the men in uniform and smooth things over, agreeing to move the party indoors. The dancing continues and the johnning heats up. The party goes to the wee hours of the night until the final guests leave with smiles and kisses.

Thanks to everyone that came and had a great time and supported johnwear. The website and online store launched and online sales started almost immediately. The launch party was fun and a huge success. Looking forward to our next johnwear party and to introduce more johns to the john lifestyle.

be a john.

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On the Record, Vinyl that is

I was sitting on a beach in Mexico minding my own business. I get a phone call on my cell. Now I usually wouldn’t answer it but the display showed a Vancouver radio station number. I answer the phone and on the other end is the senior promotional manager of Rock 101, a classic rock station in Vancouver BC. A few weeks previously I had entered my name into a contest with the station. Rock 101 was going to people homes around Vancouver and doing a live 4 hour show on air from your home, all on vinyl. The promotional manager said he liked my contest application and that I mentioned I had a  beer tap and that pretty much sealed the deal. They wanted to do a show at my place when I got back from vacation.

A few weeks later, on a Friday the 13th, the radios DJ’s Dean, Hatch and Marty as well as their crew came to my place for a morning show, starting at 6am. Well needless to say, my friends and I did an all nighter and greeted the DJ’s and crew at the door with specialty coffees, full buffet breakfast and a buzz. While the show went on, more and more friends joined in the party by dropping by my pad. At one count there were about 50 or so people enjoying the breakfast party and live on air radio show from my living room. Meanwhile friends from around town were texting me telling me that they were listening to us on the radio and we sounded great. I even had friends from Mexico and Toronto listening to us online.

Since the show was on Friday the 13th, we had a movie make up artist turning people into Zombies. By the end of the show, there were about 8 of us totally zombified. When the show was over at 10am, we went out and walked the streets and local bars to continue the goolish party.