Eco Choices

Part of our mission statement at johnwear is to be kind to our environment and make eco choices when it comes to our clothing, advertising and even promotions. At every step of the way, we look at ways to buy locally to reduce our carbon footprint and support local merchants and to use environmentally friendlier materials. It starts with choosing a clothing manufacturer that is about a five minute drive from johnwear in Yaletown, Vancouver. Not only is our manufacturer close but also it uses the highest environmental standards being continuously audited by bluesign® technologies, a European company that is a world leader in textile environmental sustainability.


Next johnwear has chosen a local supplier for all our hangtags, business cards and even our promotional stickers, all using 100% post consumer waste.

Furthermore, johnwear has chosen another local supplier to produce our johnwear plastic bags. Made in Richmond, BC, a short drive from downtown Vancouver. Our 100% biodegradable plastic bags are a new technology that allows the bag to be recycled or thrown out and begin to break down in the land fill after only a short period of time. In the presence of soil, moisture, oxygen or heat, our bags will convert to water, carbon dioxide and biomass, and will disappear over time.

Lastly, our long johns are made from 100% Organic cotton, milled in Montreal for us, which uses less pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals and are very durable and comfortable to the skin. Stay cozy.